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Tarot Card Readings Santee CA

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Local Companies

Athene Bitting
(760) 294-5845
Escondido, CA
Akashic Records, Channeling, Feng Shui, Flower Essences, Healing Touch, Medical Intuitive, Meditation, Metaphysics, Past Life Regression, Psychic, Spiritual Counseling
Associated Hospitals
Clairvoyance School

Laura Zibalese
(619) 443-5104
Phone Sessions available,by appointment
San Diego, CA
Angel Readings, Animal Communicator, Channeling, Distance Healing, Energy Healing, Guided Imagery, Life Coaching, Medical Intuitive, Medium, Metaphysics, Past Life Regression, Psychic, Remote Healing, Spiritual Counseling

Kimberle Kaye Taitano
(619) 962-1129
El Cajon, CA
(619) 337-2400
6195 Lake Murray Blvd # E
La Mesa, CA
Psychic Innervisions San Diego
(858) 273-9500
3122 El Cajon Blvd # 1
San Diego, CA
Creative Life Sciences
(800) 813-5888
Phone sessions available
San Diego, CA
Akashic Records, Animal Health, Channeling, Distance Healing, Energy Healing, Feng Shui, Guided Imagery, Healing Touch, Medical Intuitive, Meditation, Medium, Metaphysics, Nutrition, Past Life Regression, Pranic Healing, PSYCH-K, Psychic, Reiki, Remote Healing

Dr. Hector Garcia
(858) 450-9221
5850 Overland Dr., Suite 320
San Diego, CA
Animal Health, Ayurveda, Channeling, Chiropractors, Distance Healing, EFT / TFT, Energy Healing, Guided Imagery, Herbology, Homeopathy, Integrative Medicine, Kinesiology, Life Coaching, Matrix Energetics, Medical Intuitive, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Nutrition, Psychic, Reconnective Healing, Remote Healing, Spiritual Counseling, Wellness Centers, Yuen Method
Associated Hospitals
Garcia Innergetics Center

Myztic Isle
(619) 465-3005
8036 La Mesa Blvd
La Mesa, CA
Golden Angel Ministry
(619) 561-0400
9324 Emerald Grove
Lakeside, CA
Spiritual Psychic San Diego
(619) 528-8687
3930 El Cajon Blvd
San Diego, CA