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Tai Chi Marlboro NJ

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Local Companies

Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine
(973) 746-2848
427 Bloomfield Ave., 3rd Floor
Montclair, NJ
Acupuncture, Herbology, Massage Therapy, Nutrition, Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tui Na
Associated Hospitals
Student Clinic

Shim's Martial Arts Academy South
(732) 294-1336
56 Thoreau Dr
Freehold, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Goju Ryu, Tae Kwon Do, Tai chi

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Shaolin Kung-Fu Institute
(609) 448-2424
106 Mercer St.
Hightstown, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Kung Fu, Tai chi, Northern and Southern Dragon style Kung fu, Yang and Wu style Tai Chi, Chin Na, Weapons, Tam Tui, Tui Shou

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Integrated Martial Arts & Fitness
(973) 422-1500
18 Microlab Road
Livingston, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Arnis, Brazilian Jujitsu, Jeet Kune do, Kick Boxing, Tai chi

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Hua Mountain Kung Fu
(201) 438-9902
15 Park Ave
Rutherford, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Kung Fu, Tai chi, TaiJiQuan

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Peter Kwoks Kung Fu Academy
(201) 967-0790
207 Kinderkamack Rd
Emerson, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Kung Fu, Tai chi

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Amato's Karate Aikido
(732) 671-9555
589 Palmer Ave
Keansburg, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Aikido, Goju Ryu, Karate, Kendo, Kick Boxing, Tai chi, Bo-staff, Nunchaku

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Romains Kung Fu Academy
(201) 840-1133
725 River Rd
Edgewater, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Kung Fu, Tai chi

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Plainfield Area Tai Chi Chuan
(908) 756-7434
40 Somerset Pl
North Plainfield, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Tai chi

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Shido-kan Karate of Mahwah
(201) 818-5120
300 Ridge Road
Mahwah, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Karate, Kobudo, Shorin Ryu, Tai chi, Shorin-Ryu Shido-Kan Karate-do , Adult Fitness Programs , Cardio Karate

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Body Mind Systems Training Ctr
(201) 225-1180
211 Main St
New Milford, NJ
Martial Art Styles
Aiki Jitsu, Hapkido, Kung Fu, Tai chi, Bagua Zhang, Kong Su Doe, Weapons

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